Though the machinist of CNC may not have the chance to ride in the parade of the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl parade would appear way different without their help. CNC machinists may not save lives directly, but doctors won’t be able to treat their patients the way they do now if not for CNC machinists. Moreover, their work is not indicated on the national magazine covers as the next promising invention, however, such promising invention in the future possibly would not make it to the market without the assistance of CNC machinists. 

CNC machining isn’t always hyperplastic. If you think about what the CNC machining’s role has served in making lifesaving medical devices less expensive and more effective, advancing the automobile industry, and assisting the technology sector to become updated and revolutionized than ever. 

Indeed, CNC mechanists play a major role in our society. Because of that, the greatest companies for CNC machining only employ the most skilled machinists. By skilled, we mean those experience, knowledge, intangible and tangible skills.    

Critical thinking skills 

Regardless of how much preparation you have done into many products, it’s inevitable for issues to emerge at any point in time during the process. Once they do, it’s the job of the machinist to determine them, react to them well, and fix them. The capability to critically think while under pressure comes from training and experience.  

A mechanical mind 

Anybody who thinks that CNC operating involves a series of lever lifts and button pushes have to devote a day working on the floor with an operator and experience the processes themselves. Machinists operate equipment developed to restricted specifications. Moreover, they produce products, parts, and prototypes that companies and people rely on. Aside from that, they use their days focused on making sure that the prototypes and machines are being done with accuracy. They are operations supervisors, quality control specialists, and mechanics at the same time. It is intense and it requires an intangible tough and mechanical mind as well.  


It goes without saying that machinists require an in-depth understanding of geometry and algebra. However, this skill is very important to have that it permits to be listed. And while it’s vital to be mathematically inclined, the greatest machinist of the 5th axis CNC mix their ability to provide products with accuracy and analytic abilities with an insubstantial eye for detail. 

Master how to use speeds and feeds calculator 

If you’re already about to make your first cuts, do yourself a favor and have speeds and feeds calculator. Attempting to know speeds and feeds as a beginner or questioning people on forums is only a formula for failure and frustration. Moreover, you should never try saving some money by not getting the calculator and just utilizing an online calculator for free. Things will go the wrong way that you are just skilled to understand. Now, have decent speeds and feeds calculator so your federate and speeds are precise and the best for that first cut and more cuts in the future.