Steps to Booking a Successful Charter:

01)  Get your group together and decide on a date and the type of fishing you want to do.

02)  Call the Captain and discuss your decisions and express your expectations for the trip.
   The Captain can tell you when the best times are to fish and answer any questions you
   may have.

03)  Make a final decision on the date to fish and the species you want to target.

04)  Secure your date with the Captain by sending  him a $100.00 deposit to hold your date.

05)  Get directions to the boat and go over them before your date to fish.

06)  Show up to the boat on time with a cooler, lunch ,drinks and snacks for the day.   

07)  Upon showing up at the boat quietly make the Captain aware of anyone with health
   problems and let him know who the non swimmers are in case an emergency arises.

08)  If anyone is prone to motion or sea sickness start taking Dramamine II 12 hours before
    your trip.

09)  Pay the remainder of your charter fee upon returning to the dock.