The Captain
And Boat
The Captain:
My brother Mark (AKA Capt. Jack or Cletus) and I grew up on the water fishing the Bay with my
Dad Bobby (Mister J) Jenkins. Dad who believed in OJT (On the Job Training) and as a child it was a
common site  to see us working the lines or in the helmsman's chair bringing the "Wella Wella" home
after a day of fishing.  I haves fished the Bay and Rappahannock River for the past 40 years and put
that experience to work for you every time the boat leaves the dock. In 15 plus years as a Charter
Captain we have never been skunked on a charter and are know for big numbers and good catches.  
My son Josh carries on the family tradition of fishing the Rappahannock River and Bay as the mate in
training and to be the next Captain in the family. Our goal is to make every day on the water fishing with
us the best you have ever had and to send you home with "Memories To Last A Lifetime".
The Boat "Mister J's Pleasure":
The "Mister J's Pleasure" is a 1966 28' Edward Norton Bay Built which was built out of Broad Creek
in Deltaville, VA.  She's a double hulled plywood and Juniper planked boat powered by a 1966 327
corvette engine.  She started out life as "Robbie" but because my Dad, (Mister J) found her and
enjoyed her so much, we now call her "Mister J's Pleasure".  Though we think she's pretty, she's also a
workhorse that just plain calls the fish in.  She's got a clean stand up bathroom, heated cabin and
curtains for winter fishing, saltwater washdown, AM/FM cassette, and a full compliment of electronics
to get out on the fish and back again.