What to
Bring on
  • If you get Sea Sickness start taking medication 24 hours ahead of your
    trip. We have had good success with Dramanine II.

  • Bring snacks, drinks and your lunch.

  • Wear tennis shoes in the summer and insulated boots on winter trips.
    Dress to fit the days conditions.

  • Bring a good hat, sunglasses and sun block.

  • Bring a Cooler to take your catch home in.

  • We have all the fishing equipment you need on the boat but feel free to
    bring that favorite rod or lure.

  • Bring a Camera or video recorder to take home the days memories.

What not to Bring?          Bananas !!!
Bananas have long been thought to be bad luck on boats. I'm not
superstitious but your fellow anglers might be. The superstition goes so
far as to not even eat a banana before boarding the boat, no banana
bread, muffins or chips or items or sun block with banana in them or in
the name.